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Macau Governer Gen. Vasco Rocha Vieira and Secretary for Social Affairs and the Budget, Alarcão Troni (right) on June 27 atytend a seminar headed by the President of the International Union of Family Organization, Maria Teresa da Costa Macedo (left), at the WTC Macau.  

Macau´s Red Cross invites Maria Barroso, Portugal´s former First Lady, to attend a working meeting at the WTCM Business Executive Club in her capacity as President of the Portugueses Red Cross on July 10.

IPIM Presidente João Domingos (centre), Zhuhai Science & Technology Commission representatives Zhuo Jialun (right) and Guo Xinquan (left) pose for photograph after the welcome reception on May 26.

WTC Macau Executive Director Peter Lam introduces our facilities and services to a delegation from Hubei Provincial Tourism on June 5.

Allen Lee Peng Fei, members of the Provisional Legislature of the HK SAR, on June 20 delivers a speech held by the Association of the Macanese at the WTC Macau.

The Macau Heath Department invites a delegation of State Administration of Tradicional Chinese Medicine, P. R. C., to take part in a joint conference from August 4 -6 at the WTC Macau. 

WTCA On-Line Seminar 

In view to introduce the services of World Trade Centers Association's revamped website, WTCA On-Line, WTC Macau organised a seminar on June 25 for its members interested in finding out more about how these trade services offered by WTCA can assist them in expanding their international business contacts and opportunities. 

The seminar conducted by Anabela Guerreiro Estorninho, Deputy Director of Marketing, was attended by a group of members who were taken through a live on-line demonstration of all the functions within the eight categories of services offered by the Internet-based WTCA On-Line, and how each trade service and source of information can be integrated into the daily operations or plan of a company, be it manufacturing, trading or service oriented. 

For members who were unable to attend the Seminar, listed below are some highlights of the services available through the website on

    WTCA On-Line Business Profiles Database, which gives you a collection of international business contacts; 

    WTCA On-Line Trade Opportunities Database, where high quality global trade offers are provided by WTC members around the world; 

    WTCA World Business Directory, where users can find contact information on more than 140,000 companies in 180 countries; 

    Dun & Bradstreet Exporter's Encyclopaedia, for companies expanding into new regions and seeking country profiles, etc.; 

    WTC Virtual Trade Fair, where buyers can search for new products and suppliers, and sellers can increase their company exposure and gain sales lead opportunities;

Please contact WTC Macau's Marketing Department for further information or application for access to the services available on-line. 

WTCA On-Line Notes 

Since the April launch of WTCA On-Line, registration has grown rapidly. The WTCA On-Line Trade Opportunities Database now includes over 600 qualified offers. Traffic and use of the website has increased substantially as we continue to add new products and information. 
The total number of WTCA On-Line registered accounts in all categories has reached 3,486! 
Since April 1, 170 World Trade Centers and 2,714 World Trade Center members have subscribed to WTCA On-Line.  Another 772 "site guests" (new visitors to the website) were interested enough in the WTCA and services of WTCA On-Line to register their contact information in exchange for a guest ID and password.  The guest account entitles the user to free access to some of WTCA On-Line's Trade Opportunities and the Virtual Trade Fair. 
To date, more than 1,025 offers have been posted within WTCA On-Line's Trade Opportunities Database. 


NEW YORK - WTCA representatives recently met with Mr Richard Frank, General Manager of the World Bank and with other Bank officials in Washington, D.C to brief them on the purposes and programmes of the WTCA and to explore possible cooperative ventures.  Officials of the Bank offered to disseminate business opportunities of the Bank through WTCs and collaborate on other joint initiatives.  The Bank has made similar arrangements with chambers of commerce.  The World Bank also offered to enter into staff exchange programmes with WTCs.  Such exchanges are designed to train individuals in the programmes of the Bank and to educate the Bank's staff about the work of WTCs.  Finally, the Bank has indicated a strong interest in attending a meeting in Hong Kong to accelerate co-operation with WTCs.  All this is part of the Bank's effort to develop close working relationships with the private sector. 


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