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    Macau was chosen to be the venue of the 54th Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) under the theme of "Connecting Tourism Shateholders from 18 to 21 April 2005. The annual conference offered the Macau Special Administrative Region a great opportunity to show to more than 1,000 participating delegates from 44 countries and regions, the latest developments in the area of travel and tourism.

Addressing the grand opening ceremony, Edmund Ho Hau Wah, the Chief Executive of the Macau Special Administrative Region said, "We foresee a strong and solid growth in the tourism industry as well as the vast opportunities to be provided, and we also have no illusions on the challenges ahead of us, adding as you are fully aware, many of these challenges are not unique but rather universal, shared by many of our partners in this region. We value our participation in PATA and we firmly believe that we all will become stronger and better through our closer partnership and cooperation.

During the three-day course of the Conference, over 50 internationally renowned professionals and scholars in the tourism industry from Macau, Hong Kong, Mainland China, America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, spoke at a string of conference sessions to brief tourism shateholders. The participants looked at the current trend of tourism development and shared their insights and valuable experiences.

Forecasts for the next three years were generally positive. PATA's Strategic Intelligence Centre predicts average growth of 10.6 percent a year in international arrivals to the Asia Pacific region. However, the conference also highlighted a number of pressing challenges facing travel and tourism.

In order pre-empt and to be prepared for most of these challenges, it was considered essential for tourism to develop credible and targeted communications strategies.

The Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) has been a PATA member since 1966 The MGTO has always been active in promoting Macau's tourism industry and always supported Macau's role as s host of the PATA Annual Conference.

Macau manufacturers to benefit from new logistics measures

   Since 18 May 2005, goods being exported from Macau may be sent via ports in Guangdong, instead of having to go from Macau International Airport or via Hong Kong.

"Guangdong-Macau cross-border goods" refers to local goods being exported from the Macau SAR via land transport in Guangdong province to overseas destinations.

Macau's products have long been re-exported to Europe and America via Hong Kong. Now, manufactures enjoy the choice of using the seaport at Yantian, the airport in Huadu or the Huang Gang border in order to save time and transportation costs.

Under the new measures, customs declarations for goods crossing the Guangdong-Macau border can be processed by EDI or by documents approved by the authorities.

Furthermore, to minimize the impact on Macau's textile industry of the Mainland's textile export-duty exemption, the Mainland government has also announced export-duty exemption measures for Macau OPA (Outward Processing Arrangement) textiles. The exemption was welcomed by local manufacturers, who believe that the measures will benefit the development of Macau's textile and garment industry.


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