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trading of goods, but also, and in an increasingly relevant manner, the trading of services, which grew 25 per cent world-wide from 1994 to 1997, a fact that did not reflect yet on the activities we carry on as an Association. We also have to be aware that the process of globalisation is unequal, benefiting certain countries, with better competitive advantages, while ostracising others, and affecting also certain social groups, enterprises and job positions. Again, it is here that Asia, due to the reasons we are certainly acquainted with, is feeling the respective consequences. "

    "In the scope of the World Trade Centers Association and with the same purpose and object that guided its constitution and built up its development, the moment has arrived for us, when we are to find other models of internal operation, adequate to a different, global and much more complex economy, being the "Strategic Plan" for the period of 2000-2004 the first and important step."

    "It was with this purpose, along with a deep desire to maintain and consolidate the drive that embodied this Association, as a vital part of a dynamic global economy, where forward-thinking businesses turn to international trade and investment as the key to assuming their long-term prosperity, that we decided to organise this Asia Regional Meeting.

    The Vice President of the World Trade Centers Association, Robert DiChiara, introduced the objectives of the Strategic Plan 2000 - 2004 at the opening ceremony of the WTCA Asia Regional Meeting on November 8, 2000. The first goal is to enhance the effectiveness of existing world trade centers in providing quality facilities, services and reciprocity.

    The second goal is to enhance the positive image of the World Trade Centers Association and its members around the world. The third goal is to be responsive, innovative and technologically advanced in offering a multitude of products, programmes and services, such as tradecard, that set standards for international trade and that add value to WTCA membership. And the fourth goal is "to achieve significant growth of new high-quality world trade centers."

    A full programme of seminars and presentations was organised to exchange information on the best practices developed by the WTCs and to explore opportunities for further inter-WTC cooperation. The three-day meeting was chaired by WTC Macau President António Leça da Veiga Paz with the support of WTCA Executive Vice President in Business Develop-ment , Robert DiChiara, Prof Nelson Pilosof, Chairman for the Committee on Tourism and Cultural Exchange and David Lee, Regional Coordinator of Asia North. The meeting was attended by 36 World Trade Centers delegates from Asia.

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