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(2000 WTCA Asia Regional Meeting ..... from index page)

de Macau , Banco Nacional Ultramarino, Banco Comercial de Macau and Air Macau. Dozens of government officials and prominent business executives attended the opening ceremony, which was formally inaugurated by the Chief Executive of the Macau Special Administrative Region, Edmund Ho Hau-wah. The ceremony included a multicultural variety show by local children. The colourful event was meant to present Macau's unique Sino- Portuguese heritage to our foreign guests.

    The Chief Executive Edmund Ho Hau-wah said in his speech that "as a Special Administrative Region, we are young, but Macau itself is no newcomer to global trade and commerce. Throughout its history, Macau has been playing a unique role in facilitating economic exchanges between the East and the West, and this role continues to develop and strengthen. Such development matches well with the objective of the members of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) to promote trade by offering one-stop comprehensive international business services. In fact, Macau's relations with the WTCA could be dated back to 1986, when the World Trade Center Macau was incorporated as a joint venture between the Government of Macau and the private sector. It is another milestone in the efforts of Macau to serve the international business community in an increasingly globalised economy."

    "The return of Macau to China has opened up a new era for us. Under the principle of 'One Country, Two Systems', Macau remains an open and free economy. The fact that we are now an integral part of China has brought about a whole new dimension to our role as a 'bridge' among China, Asia and Europe."

    WTC Macau President and Regional Coordinator of the WTCA Asia Pacific South Ant¨nio Le'a da Veiga Paz underlined in his welcoming speech the issue of the functional integration of production centres around the world in the wake of the ongoing globalisation process.

    "A few decades ago, govern- ments were concerned with the internationalisation of their national economies. This meant extending their economic activities beyond their own borders, either in terms of trade or production. It was upon the understanding of these basic concepts that the World Trade Centers' operation has grown."

    "Today, however, with the globalisation of the economy, wherein due to entrepreneurial solvency we have to operate, this process became much more complex, whether for reasons related to its own nature or in concern to the decision centers, which are often outside the control and supervision of national authorities."

    "Globalisation now involves the functional integration of production centres around the world, with a view to rationalising their location vis-a-vis investment conditions and dominant consumer centres. Companies are no longer multinational in terms of a national company with subsidiaries beyond its borders; rather, they are genuine trans-national concerns functionally integrated into economic groups operating within a global economy. Many exports, which many times we tried to be involved in as an agent, are now effectively transfers within large companies or economic groups."

    "Today, the dimension of globalisation has reached not only the(Cont.)

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