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    Macau's Governor, Gen. Vasco Rocha Vieira, met Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi and Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura during a 10-day official visit to Japan in July.

    Speaking after a meeting with Mr Obuchi, Gen. Vieira said the Japanese authorities were paying close attention to Macau's smooth transition process from Portuguese to Chinese administration, adding that Japan's leaders were fully aware of Macau's historical role in the traditionally amicable relationship between Lisbon and Tokyo.

    Gen. Vieira also said that Mr Obuchi supported a further strengthening of ties between his country and Macau, adding the Prime Minister had expressed understanding for Macau's intention of signing a bilateral air services agreement with Japan.

    The Governor described his meeting with the Prime Minister as "very pleasant and useful". He also held a meeting with Prince Takamo, a cousin of Emperor Akihito. The Prince is known for his strong interest in the history and development of Japanese-Portuguese relations.

    Foreign Minister Komura told the Governor that he was pleased with Macau's successful transition towards its reversion from Portuguese to Chinese rule.

    Gen. Vieira said Mr Komura had expressed confidence in Macau's post-handover political autonomy and economic development, stressing that Japan could benefit from Macau's close ties with the 15-nation European Union and the seven-member Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries.

    The Governor emphasised the Japanese government had already given the green light to the immediate launch of charter flights between Macau and Japan, pending the signing of a formal aviation pack in due course.

    Gen. Vieira also said Mr Komura was quite knowledgeable about Macau affairs, a fact that was beneficial to the development of a "fruitful and practical dialogue" between the two sides that could lead to "concrete results in the future".

As an apex of the Pearl River Delta economic triangle formed with Hong Kong and Guangzhou, Macau is in strategic position to access the attractive Chinese market, one with high economic growth and 1.2 billion consumers.


Excellent Infrastructures
International airport, state of the art telecommunications, container port
Attractive Investment Climate
No restrictions on foreign investment, free circulation of capital and profits
Friendly Environment for Trade
Duty Free port, free market, and no customs restraints
Low taxation and Operating Costs
Favorable Legal Framework for Off-Shore Activities
Since 1987 Macau has in place a specific legal framework for off-shore banking activities. In 1999 a new legal framework was approved to allow the development of a broader range of off-shore business (including financial and non financial off-shore activities)

Qualified Human Resources

Government Support

Quality of Life

International Connections
- Cooperation Agreement with the European Union
- Member of WTO
- Observer of ESCAP
- Close relations with Portuguese speaking countries

Confidence in the Future
After December 20, 1999, capitalist economic autonomy will be preserved by the "one country, two systems" principle



IPIM is the official body responsible for carrying out trade and investment promotion policies, supporting investors and all those interested in trading with Macau.

As a One-Stop-Shop IPIM is committed to assist overseas investors, namely the Institute is prepared to:

Supply market analysis, statistical information, and sourcing opportunities
Promote links between local entrepreneurs and potential investors
Provide technical assistance and counseling on local administrative procedures Support exactly in the same way the investors aiming to develop off-shore activities in Macau
Enable a smooth interface with other government departments

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