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pa6gr1.jpg (46987 bytes)     Macau’s Governor, Gen. Vasco Rocha Vieira, paid a highly successful five-day official visit to Cape Verde at the invitation of the archipelago’s Prime Minister, Carlos Veiga, in early September.

     The visit included top-level talks on trade, investment and cultural ties. The Governor was accompanied by a delegation of 16 prominent Macau businessmen, as well as the Macau government’s Secretary for Economic Co-ordination, Vitor Pessoa.

     One of the delegation members said the Governor’s visit had given "expanded international prestige" to Macau’s role as a bridge between Asia, Europe and Africa for international trade and investments.

     The Cape Verdean Prime Minister told Gen. Vieira that relations with Macau were of "vital importance" to his country’s development, stressing that "Macau has a vocation that is the same that Cape Verde would like to have."

     Mr Veiga also said that Macau was Cape Verde’s "strategic partner" in Asia, adding that foreign investment in the island state off western Africa was not only safe but also profitable.

     Gen. Vieira said there existed a number of "immediate" co-operation possibilities, namely in the fields of tertiary education, tourism, technology transfer, public administration and public health.

     Mr Veiga and Gen. Vieira attended a special signing ceremony of two bilateral co-operation agreements between entities from the two sides, namely the Macau World Trade Center and the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre.

     Macau will assist Cape Verde in setting up an international business centre and an electronic data interchange (EDI) network.

     Gen. Vieira also held talks with Cape Verdean President Mascarenhas Monteiro who announced that his country would possibly open a consulate-general in Macau in the near future.

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