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The Institue of European Studies of Macau
The Institute of European Studies of Macau ( IEEM) was set up on the 23 October 1995, and started its activities on the 6 February 1996. 

The IEEM is a private organisation, and at present its partners are the Government of Macau, the University of Macau, the Polytechnic Institute of Macau, Macau Foundation and Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute. According to the Statutes of the IEEM, the number of partners can increase, and it is planned to enlarge progressively its scope in strategic terms. 

The IEEM's major purpose is to act as a bridge between the European Union and the Asia-Pacific Region, where Macau is situated. Hence there are its 4 top priorities:

* Firstly, to promote training acitivities, the IEEM, in co-operation with other similar European Institutes and Universities and with the support of organisations of the Territory, has been providing short-term intensive courses and seminars on themes such as Financial Markets, Models of Development and Information Society. In addition to this, since the 1997 academic year, the IEEM began to hold two long duration post-graduate courses: Master in European Studies and Diploma on Management of the Arts. 

* Secondly, to carry out research activities - IEEM researchers'  main task is to develop important projects from fields such as comparative law, models of development, the EU Foreign Direct Investment and The Development Process of Macau. Furthermore, related to these Research Projects, workshops, conferences and seminars have been carried out in Macau and China. 

* Thirdly, another major priority comes under the heading of diffusion and, within its area of influence, the IEEM disseminates information upon the concept 

of European construction in terms of culture, polities, economy, enforced policies and prospects for development. The IEEM sends out information to various countries in the European Union, about models of development, processes and perspectives of evolution of the countries and territories of the Asia-Pacific Region, mainly China and Macau. The IEEM also gathers processes and disseminates information and studies on the countries of the European Union. Finally, IEEM's Newsletter (3 editions since 1996) is one of the quintessential means of diffusion of its activities. The Newsletter is distributed among 6000 individuals and organization in Europe, China and the Asia-Pacific Region. 

* Fourthly, the IEEM has strong co-operation links with other similar organization and responds to official and private requests from within or out of the Territiory, concerning activities related to its own aims.




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