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pa4gr1b.jpg (23349 bytes)      Speaking upon return from a highly successful official visit to Mozambique, Governor General Vasco Rocha Vieira underlined the importance of the World Trade Center Macau (WTCM) in developing and strengthening business ties between Macau and the African nation.

     Gen. Vieira said the commitment of the WTCM to assist Mozambique in the establishment of its own World Trade Center, "demonstrates that the WTCM works very well, although it is still young".

     The Governor also said his week-long visit had certainly contributed to the creation of a favourable investment climate for businessmen from Macau in Mozambique.

     "Mozambique has shown that it is interested in attracting investments from Macau," Gen. Vieira said, adding that Mozambique could serve Macau businessmen as a gateway to other countries in southern Africa.

     Gen. Vieira also praised Mozambique for its political and social stability and its efforts to develop its economy.

     The Governor also underlined that the great potential of co-operation between Macau and Mozambique, namely in the areas of education, public administration, tourism and other business sectors, namely public transport, real estate, textiles, marketing of seafood, shipping and harbour management.

     Gen. Vieira visited Mozambique on 6 - 13 November at the invitation of Foreign Minister Leonardo Simão. During the visit, Gen. Vieira conferred with the country’s top politicians, namely President Joaquim Chissano, Prime Minister Pascoal Mocumbi, the speaker of the parliament, Leonardo Mulembwe and main opposition leader Afonso Dhlakama.

     The Macau government’s Secretary for Economic Co-ordination, Vitor Pessoa, urged Macau’s business community to invest in Mozambique, "a country that is a gateway to the vast southern African market".

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     He also underlined the great potential of investing in Mozambique’s textile industry which offered the advantage of duty-free exports to the 15-nation European Union in line with the Convention of Lome.

     The Secretary led a Macau business mission to Mozambique for the first time in 1992. Mr Pessoa stressed that during the past five years the Mozambican government had adopted a number of economic stabilisation measures that brought down inflation and reduced the public deficit.

     "The international community has shown great confidence in the economic policies of Mozambique," Mr Pessoa said.

     The President of the Macau Exporters and Importers Association, Vitor Ng, said during the visit that Macau could serve as a "business link" between China and Mozambique, adding the African nation offered "very interesting" investment potential in a variety of sectors, namely agriculture.

     "Macau can play an important role in the growing business ties between Mozambique and China," Mr Ng said.

     The President of the Macau Association of Banks and Vice-President of the Macau Legislative Assembly, Edmund Ho Hau Wah, said Gen. Vieira’s visit had opened up new investment possibilities for businessmen from Macau.


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