Francis Tam
Secretary for Economy and Finance of the
Government of the Special Administrative
Region of Macau

Macau, being the newest Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, boasts a trading history between the East and West that dates back four centuries. Our experience and the capacity of our business community have today turned Macau, as has Hong Kong, into a modern urbe with institutions and companies that make it a privileged position to develop economic activities in the fundamentally important geographical region of Asia.

More than an honour, it is a privilege for us to receive you in this city during the occasion of the WTCA Asia Regional Meeting, to which the Government of the Special Administrative Regional of Macau, of which I am Secretary for Economy and Finance, will offer full support.

In addition to the important matters that will be discussed, I hope that this gathering will foster your knowledge of Macau and its potentials, and one day, for other reasons, will bring you back.


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