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Dear Members

Greetings from World Trade Center Macau!

It is always advisable and beneficial to have an expert to consult with before you begin an exercise programme or when you are engaging in an exercise programme. The World Trade Center Macau Health & Fitness Club will start to offer you the newly launched e-Fitness Service, "WTC Doctor's Corner" by providing healthy activities and medical advice, which ultimately improve your lifestyle.

Once you have subscribed this free service, our in house doctor, Dr. Humberto Evora is ready to help you to improve your fitness and stay healthy. He will keep in touch with you throughout this interactive way. Besides, Dr. Evora will also send you fitness tips which help you to improve your overall health and get the results you want.

To discover a more healthier lifestyle and get your questions to be answered by a fitness and medical expert, it's your time to take action now!

Stay Fit and Keep in Touch!

Rina Tay
Head of WTC Members Services Department


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